I am SO excited to have the wonderful Holley from Lunges and Lashes doing this weeks Real Housewives post!! Holley has been a sweet friend since Jake and I got married and she is such an inspiration to me. Check out her blog to see why. :)

So without further adieu...Holley!


This is how I have made MY space mine during the "transition" time of temporary housing so many of us often find ourselves in.

When living in temporary housing accommodations, it can be really hard to feel like you surroundings reflect you and contain a feeling of your personality. This girl (Me!) has some major house fever when it comes to having our own space, decorating and organizing my home. I just can't wait!
So living a college lifestyle can be hard when you know you are only somewhere temporarily and funds are tight already. I have held back from spending a lot of money on decorations or furniture knowing that our time here is short. I would so much rather wait and invest that money on pieces I KNOW will fit our future home's set-up instead of getting something now and regretting it. 
I have issues I know. Square dining table or a round one!?! So many questions!

And who doesn't love our funky crazy furniture! Right?!

I realize it's not that big of a deal but I have just decided to hold off on most things and just placed a few items around the house to give the house a little feel of us. We are lucky enough to live in a BEAUTIFUL older home so you don't need much to add to it's natural beauty. 
I am addicted to hardwood floors now. I have been spoiled. 

Despite my commitment issues on decor and knowing my taste will probably totally change by the time we are in a house of our own... I did put a lot of work in putting 1 room together. 

A necessity for me, A SALON.

I am a hairdresser and needed a little room to have my clients in! With a little work... well... maybe a little bit more work than that... and a small budget I was able to put together a great space!
The room was originally just a mud room that was an addition to the back of the house after the original construction. When we moved in the walls were off white and pretty dirty and had some terribly worn carpet.

So we painted the walls a cheery blue color and ripped up the carpet and put in some cheap linoleum. Since this is STILL a temporary situation we wanted to keep the expenses low.
I found this cute lime green retro chair online for $5! In the for sale photo it was pretty dirty but after a good scrub it was good as new! I couldn't turn down such a deal! Plus it was the perfect feel I was looking for.

I also snagged a great magazine rack from IKEA for $10 and the mirror at Target for $10 as well. The Japanese lantern hanging from the ceiling was a souvenir from a trip to Hawaii. It turned out to be a great extra source of light and it was something I already owned!

I found frames at the thrift store for $1 a piece and spray painted them yellow as my accent color to match the curtains that you can see in the next photo.

The curtains were already here in the home so that was a score.
I also found a little coat hanger at IKEA for $5 that I spray painted and use to hold all of my capes. 

A snagged a couple storage pieces from Ikea and Target and I had the room I needed!

Lots of little touches make a big improvement.

Including the little functional pieces I bought the price tag on this came in about $150 dollars. TOTALLY worth it in my book. I have used this space so much, and every time I am so glad i have it.

I love having my OWN little space in my house that I feel represents my personality and welcomes my clients into my home.


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