After a CRAZY month of travel  I am so beyond grateful to be home. Home to my sander, my own bed, my unfurnished furniture. It's sad, but I was missing my works in progress. I was estactic to start working on them again this morning.

But now I've reached a standstill. My creative muse has decided it needs a vacation and I'm at a loss on what color to paint the dresser I've been working on. My gut tells me to keep it simple. Stain the top a deep mahogany and paint the bottom cream finished with a dark wax and some light distressing. I know this will be probably the safest route, but I can't help but be inspired by bolder color choices.

For example, something like these from Natty By Design and Miss Mustard Seed, two women who I idolize.

Natty by Design

Miss Mustard Seed

Miss Mustard Seed

I recently did a picture frame for a friend and I am in LOVE with the color we chose. It's called Teal Zeal and it's a cross of Tiffany Blue and Caribbean water and I would LOVE to use it on a piece.

So I need some advice all you creative people.

Any suggestions on what color to paint the dresser? 

Help please!!