Sorry for the lapse in posts! We are in Arizona for about a week scouting out places to live. Jake got a job with Edward Jones (Yay!!) and we've narrowed our "Potential Places to Live" list down to Arizona and North Carolina.
We really LOVE almost everything about AZ. Today as we were driving around the Gilbert/Mesa area we just felt so GOOD inside about living here. But the one hold up we have is all the stucco. (And the about something giving you the heebie-jeebies.)

I just don't know if I can do the stucco house thing.
I just don't want people to look at our house and think "Remember the Alamo!"

So....stucco...I'm not sure I can DIY myself out of this.


For all you Arizona this something you get used to?


And just for cuteness sake here's Rhett and his first time in the pool.

Sheer joy. :)

How many "brave points" do I get for posting a swimsuit picture of us and all of our pale glory?