If you can't tell, I'm really into the white/cream pallet this week. It is so simple. And elegant. And somehow comforting. It seems to exude softness....and I know this will sound really OCD, but it's so CLEAN. 

I love the rich molding in the foyer. Especially the detail around the chandelier.
The fireplace is my favorite feature of the living room. It's so romantic. And the wing back chairs. Can anyone else see Elizabeth Bennett waiting for Mr.Darcy?
The kitchen...it's just perfect. 
And the bedroom...LOVE the brick wall. I've seen similar accent walls in kitchens and living rooms, but this is  the first time I've seen it in a bedroom.


What would be the first room you would remodel in your home?

Mine would be our kitchen...I'm desperate for a new kitchen floor.

Email me pictures of "your home" and I'll feature some of them next Monday!

Also, please take a second to answer to poll at the top of the page on distressing furniture!
I really need some input!!


And introducing 2 new items up for sale!

This is a truly one of a kind coffee table.
It used to be a hanging pot holder.

Yes, a hanging pot holder.

It reminds me of Van Gogh's Starry Night.

Do you see it too?

It's painted a mustard yellow with gray undertones. 
It's up for sale, so if you're interested check under the "For Sale" tab at the top of the page!


And now for piece # 2

These are originally IKEA Rast dressers. 

 Now they are BEAUTIFUL, 3 drawer, custom stenciled dressers, or night stands, on entryway tables.
What ever your hearts want. :)
These are a custom order so please allow 10 days to 2 weeks for completion.
I can also do them in any color combination you want.
They are also under the "For Sale" tab.