Welcome to 551 East Furniture Design!

I'm Julia and this is my little family.

My husband Jake and I got married in December 2008.

And our little man, Rhett, was born in August 2010.

We live in Provo Utah. I graduated from BYU a little over a year ago and my husband will graduate this August. (I don't know if I'm more excited for Jaketo have a grown-up job or not to have his backpack by the front door everyday). Now I'm a stay at home mom and I realized I was spending kind of a ridiculous amount of time watching Netflix and Hulu...and losing my mind. 

So I decided to start a little business. I've loved redoing furniture for a couple of years. I think it's kind of a high, finding a used (and lets admit it, sometimes ugly) piece of furniture and turning it into an eye catching piece.

And that's what this little bloggy blog is for! To show pieces that once were ugly ducklings and that are now beautiful swans. And to share some tips, ideas, and laughs along the way. :)

Scroll on down to see some of the items I've done so far! More coming soon....