Let's start with the little announcement first.

I've had a lot of people tell me that they have furniture that just needs a little bit of love and they don't have the tools or time to work on it. 

So here's a possible solution. :)

If you live in the Utah valley/ Salt Lake area, I would be more than happy to come and pick up your piece, paint it/stain it, whatever you want!

Rates are listed under the tab at the top of the page and you can email me if you want to talk shop. :)


Now on to something beautiful.

The lovely Jessica emailed me some pictures she had found of absolutely stunning bathrooms.

Is anyone else grateful to live in the 21st century and not have to use a latrine?

Hello. My name is Jessica and I am what you would call a timid DIY gal. When I say timid, I mean I do small (very small) projects that don’t require as much time and effort as say, restoring or giving beauty to an unwanted piece of furniture like our dear Julia. I can make simple party decorations, a hair bow board, and do silly quick crafts. However, since talking with Julia, my wheels have been turning and I just love how DIY projects can give your home a special touch that no one else has. Instead of a cookie cut piece of furniture, you have one that is uniquely you. This is why I’ve decided that this summer I am totally redoing my bedroom dresser.  This thing is massive! And the poor thing has been neglected, but lucky for my husband and me, we only paid $20 for it. $20 for a dresser that is wood (and heavy mind you), 4 feet tall, and almost 6 feet wide, we definitely got a steal!  So this may very well be part one of two posts cause I’m turning this ugly beast into something grand. Can a dresser be grand? I guess there is only one way to find out!

But until then, I have been thinking about bathrooms. It’s not hard to do, I curse at the very small bathroom we currently have and think often of the day when I will have one that is 20x the size. Ok, maybe not 20 times, but definitely something a lot bigger! Two things I loved to do growing up was to dance and sing in my bathroom, but how can one do that when you stand in the middle of your tiny one with your arms outstretched and you touch each wall with your fingertips. I love me some dancing space! But you know what I also love, room to move! I can’t stand getting ready for bed in our bathroom with my husband at the same time, because we’re always bumping elbows and getting in each other’s way  so we just go in there one at a time, not to mention that my tub is not conducive for anyone over  5 ft. 5 in.  So my 5 ft. 10 in. frame feels so cramped in my bathtub that it’s not even a relaxing experience. Aren’t baths supposed to be relaxing?
So here is my must have checklist for my bathroom in no particular order because really, I want them all.
  •   Lots of counter space with his or her sinks
  • A lot of storage space that allows for easy organization
  •  A large jetted tub
  • A vanity (oh my word, can you imagine getting ready in front of one of these?!)
  • A large shower so that when I bend down to shave my legs, my butt doesn’t hit the cold tile. You know what I mean?
  •  BIG!!!

As I was browsing the good old internet I found some pictures of Master baths that I really liked bits and pieces of. I looked through a lot of pictures and still haven’t found one that is exactly what I want. I guess that means I will have to custom build one. J So here are a few that caught my eye…

Let me just say first of all that the sink is not ideal for me (remember the lots of counter space)? I also am not a fan of beige/tan in my bathroom. Or at least that much of it…but don’t you just love the fireplace next to the built in tub? That just seems like the ultimate relaxing scene. I can imagine me in a nice bubbly tub listening to my yoga cd with the ambience of the fire crackling beside me. I wish I was there now. And if a fireplace isn’t desired (I don’t know why it wouldn’t be) you can always put some extra shelving in. 

I just think this is a prime example of using your space wisely. 

I’m still trying to decide if I want His/Her sinks next to each other like this or on opposite sides of the room like this one below.

It doesn’t have as much counter space as I would like but it’s just so classy and beautiful. And I could also design something to add a little more counter space right? And I love the dark wood floors with the white cabinets! (I think this color scheme is my favorite, but my husband is not a fan. Sad.)

But if I can’t have separate cabinets and sinks, I like the idea of a vanity putting some kind of separation in-between like this one.

What do you think? Do you like just one long sink along one side of the bathroom or do you prefer two counters and sinks on separate ends? Also, do you like the more traditional style or modern? I personally like traditional with a little flair. I am not a fan of some of the modern stuff. Like this bathroom…

What is that all about? But then again, futuristic things kind of freak me out so….

Thanks Jessica!! 

Anyone up for a spa weekend? 
Or have a pedestal tub I can soak in for a couple hours?

Email me pictures of any inspiring rooms you find this week and I post them next Monday!