If you have kiddos, or a pet, or a job, or a spouse, or the need to eat and sleep, sometimes it seems like it's beyond impossible to add anything else to the good ol' to-do-list. When I thought about starting this little blog/business I thought I might just be a little crazy, especially having a 9 month old who insists on eating dirt when I'm not watching. 

I think it's sad when we feel like we don't have time to add something we enjoy. A way to unleash a little bit of creativity. 

So here's my 2 cents on how to find time to do things YOU want to do. For fun. 

{ The 10 minute rule }

Most chores around the house actually don't take that much time. In fact, most can be done in under 10 minutes. And doing anything for 10 minutes isn't a huge commitment.

BUT, in 10 minutes or less you can get a TON accomplished!

Instead of looking at everything you have to do at once, pick your tasks one at a time, and apply the ten-minute rule.
  • Taking out the trash – 2 minutes
  • Loading the dishwasher – 4 minutes
  • Hoovering one room – 7 minutes
  • Ordering a crate of tonic water online – 4 minutes
  • Ironing two shirts – 8 minutes
  • Going around your bedroom, picking up every stray sock and t-shirt and chucking all in the laundry bin – 5 minutes
  • Paying five utility bills – 6 minutes
  • etc etc etc
{List taken from howtogetagrip.com}
    I love setting the timer for 10 minutes and trying to see how much I can get accomplished. If you think you don't have time for DIY projects apply this rule. Either finish your chores in 10 minutes and spend the rest of your time working on your projects, or spend that time working on your project and move on with your day. You can actually get an amazing amount of sanding, priming, or painting done in 10 minutes. Use this rule everyday on a project and it will get done sooner than you think. (Yay for 5 year old quilting projects being completed!)

    So when you wake up in the morning, after brushing your teeth and checking Facebook (admit it, we all do it), and in the ten minutes before your kiddos/husband/Fido realize they need you, do something. It will take less time than you think and you’ll experience the sweet satisfaction of checking things off your list, and be one completed to-do-list closer to finishing the project of your dreams.

    What have you done in 10 minutes?! 

    What projects are you currently working on or have just finished?
    (I'd love to see pictures! Email me some of your latest and greatest and we can share them here!)