This dresser is one of my Craigslist finds from last week. 
It's an amazing piece. 

The wood has an incredible grain, it's solid and dovetailed, pretty much it's the piece that you hope for every time you hit a garage sale. I bought them from a sweet family who just moved here and didn't have a place for these in their new home. It was their grandmother's dresser and I could tell that it meant a lot to the family. When I picked it up she asked me if I was going to paint it and she had this look in her eye, almost like she wanted to ask me not to. I told her I had some ideas involving mostly stain and she looked visibly relieved. She told me her grandmother was very traditional, but was a little eclectic at times. I really could tell she was emotional about selling it so I promised her I would try to make her grandmother happy with the finished product.

So I used the Ombre style...but with stain. 

I'm thrilled with how it turned out. I love stain. I love the warmth it emits and the way the wood grain shows through. I love combining a current trend (ombre) with classic stain.

Here he is before, just as a reminder.  

He sold at the Barn Sale this past weekend to the cutest mom who was going to use it in her son's room. 

PS I sent the family I bought it from a picture of it's updated look. They loved it and felt like their grandmother would have loved it too. I think that makes me the happiest; knowing that I was able to keep some of the integrity of the piece and the owner it originally came from. :) 

PS This piece was featured on Apartment Therapy this week! 

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