This Thanksgiving I'm so grateful for...

My husband and son.

Jake's job.
When Jake get's home from work.
Our camera.
Videos of Rhett growing up.
Our health and safety.
The wonderful friends we've made in Arizona. 
The wonderful friends we miss from Utah.
The Cosby Show (we find it really funny).
Sesame Street.
Costco churro lunch dates with Rhett.
My amazing parents. 
My incredible in-laws.
 Rhett's babbling.
That my hair is finally getting LONG.
The talents and opportunities I've discovered and had with this blog and business.
Seeing my sister after not seeing her for a year and a half. And introducing her to Rhett. 
The fact that it's 75 degrees at the end of November. 
The kids who babysit Rhett so we can go on dates. 
Nap time. 

I really could go on; this year has been filled with so many blessings and opportunities to grow and learn. 

Happy Thanksgiving!