OK I love a good sale. 

Jake doesn't love them as much as I do...any guesses why?

So when I come home with a bag of lovlies that were 75% off I tell him that I'm just being prepared. 

His response: "For what...a world shortage of J. Crew skinny belts?" 

My response: "Yes."

Anyway I need to move some stuff out of my work room so we are having a S.A.L.E!!

The following pieces are marked at their sale price here and under the FOR SALE tab at the top of the page. 

Rustic Red Pineapple Headboard


7 Drawer Inlaid Panel Top Desk


Eric Carle's Very Hungary Caterpillar Dresser


(All proceeds from this sale will be donated to Phoenix Children's Hospital)

So tell your friends, neighbors, mail man, everyone about the sale!

(Especially the caterpillar dresser....Rhett spent some time in the children's hospital when he was itty bitty and I am so excited to pay them back for their kindness.)