Hey all! I'm thrilled to have my friend Jamie guest posting for me while I'm in Indiana. She's just starting her interior decorating career so make sure to stop by her blog and see what she's up too!  She's helping a client redo their place for only $100 per room! Ambitious uh?! Here are some of her tips and advice. I think it's perfect for so many of us because we each have to budget to get the room of our dreams. :)


My name is Jamie Evelyn, I love to rearrange and decorate  friend’s houses or apartments.  Today I am guest blogging about a living room/kitchen area makeover on a budget. A few months ago I helped a
friend/client buy furniture for her living room and kitchen all for under a $100 bucks! (Kitchen table, couch, and coffee table)

Here is the lay out of the apartment.

I first found four wooden chairs for five bucks each from a sorority house that was re-decorating too. 

Tip: When looking for less expensive furniture I always make sure the pieces are structurally sound and that they have good lines. No one wants to sit in a chair that moves from side to side... when its not a rocking chair! So be sure to try everything out before you purchase no matter how cute.

We sanded these down and repainted them a dark teal except for the rounded backs of the chair which we stained. 

The kitchen table was found on Craigslist for $25. Next, I found a coffee table for seven dollars from a thrift store... it needed some love. 

However, after sanding,painting, and staining... check it out. We painted just the top inner squares and then stained it.

The couch was a Craigslist find as well, that was purchased for $40 dollars. 

Tip: The couch has three pillows across the back that are sewed on.. it is harder to clean these so I usually try and look for couches that have removable pillows but this couch was such a great neutral that I knew it would be perfect and it was in my client's budget. 

A few months later and now we are moving on to the phase II of the room where we are purchasing all the lovelies, or items that will make the room feel even more inviting. 

Check out the plan for the next phase. If you can't tell my client loves blues and greens. 

The napkins were a vintage find at an antique store. The rest of the items are just for inspiration while I am out shopping around thrift and antique stores. 

The pillows and coat rack are from Etsy. The white curtains and bowl for the kitchen table are form Pottery Barn. The lamp is Aidan Gray. The mirror is I.O Metro. 

I always love to help, no matter how big or small your budget. 

Thanks Julia, for letting me guest post!I hope you are having a great vacation!  ~Jamie Evelyn