Hello friends, it’s time again for Friday's Runway Decorate. I am so excited because this week it’s all about the living room. If this is your first time here this is when we take a runway model and match her to an interior room. This is an effort to show you inspiration can be anything. I love inspiration in the form of runway models dressed like an interior room so without further ado check out these lovely models and interior rooms.  

Wow! Check out this amazing runway model I just love her beautiful dress with that sparkle and colorful charm I must say what beautiful appeal she has.                            . Now check out this amazing beautiful living room. Are you checking out the sparkle in this room I love the gold metallic stencils on the wall which mimics the beautiful sparkle in the runway models dress and are you feeling the colors that rocks this room. I love how the colors in the models dress and the colors in the living room matches so well. Wow what a true match in color and feel. Love it

Now I have a little challenge for you. Well it’s not really a challenge just all in good fun I will like to play a little game with you. Now here is the challenge. In challenge number one we have two models and one living room. I would like for you to choose which room you think looks most like the model.  In challenge two we have one model and two rooms I will like for you to choose which living room you think matches the model best. Here we go! Let the runway decorate fun begin!

Model #1
Model #2
Which Model Looks most like the living room?