Every now and then real life hits and were forced to do the things were not ready to do. Today is one of those days. You know', when being real is relevant. Friends I have to admit that life isn’t always pretty and the frustration that comes with it can be an insight. Reality has hit home in the Key family and I have to tell you it aint pretty and yes I said aint! You see; everything isn’t always pretty sometimes life hits you with a curve-ball and tells you to get off you’re ……….. And go beyond the pretty. This morning I was awaken by a loud noise and a dog bark that was so loud it scared the God who knows what out of me.
Yup my sun porch ceiling drywall fell to the floor and exposed a hole and oh no a water leak coming from my roof.  Yes the same roof that had a serious hole in it when I bought the house, yes I bought a house with a hole in the roof. But that was just fine because that could be fixed and so it was. So I thought. Now this is when you get on the phone and call that contractor who fixed the roof the first time and tell him how angry you are and that he better come fix what he didn’t fix the first time. Well that is exactly what I would do if only I used a contractor the first time. Hmmm some things you just shouldn’t do yourself and friends this is one of them.
This is one of those times we should have called in a professional but we didn’t because we thought we were saving money. (This is lesson learned). If you have a broken leg or arm would you fix it yourself or would you call in a doctor who knows what the “Heck” he/she is doing? Geez I wish I’d called the roof doctor. Every now and then you learn the money you think you’re saving is not really a savings at all. This lesson has taught me there are some things you just shouldn’t do yourself. Friend unless you are a roof doctor please don’t attempt to do the roof yourself. Now I’m not saying you can’t because I’m quite sure you can do anything you put your mind to, you can do it but just make sure you have the credentials to pull it off.
I’m sorry for all the fury and irritation of my ceiling woes but every now and then venting is all we have and I hope you don’t mind me laying it on you today because I feel awfully annoyed and irritated over something that could have been avoided. Well without further ado check out this scary ceiling of mind.

Check out this  hole in my ceiling its not pretty, Right!

Yikes!! Ugly, Ugly and more Ugly. I hate this. Check out how the room use to look before all the ugliness. The truth is this room has been through a few changes since I've lived here but the all been for the good most certainly not for the bad. Here is the first look of this sun porch. Check it out!
Look 1

Not so bad.  Right!  But this room was a little dark for a sun porch so we thought we'll change it just a little. Before I show you how it looked before the hole in the roof here is a few more pic's the way it looked first.

I'm sorry for the bad photos, as you can see there is a table for eating but just a little crowded to say the least.

Did you notice the Awning is painted orange one of the colors in the sun room? The awning was pretty ugly before we cleaned in spray painted it a Terracotta orange.

This room was pretty bad when we first bought the house believe it or not as I said before we bought the house with a hole in the roof to begin with and even worst then that if it can get any worst we had grass growing out of the old dirty worn out tile that was on the floor.  One of the bright spots in this room other then it being a sun room was the floor that we discovered under all the ugliness. Yep! (Solid hardwood floors). Nice! You see I'm trying to find a bright spot among all of this.  Now here is the last the room looked before the ceiling caved in.
Look 2

Here it is the look we had before the ceiling drywall leaky roof cave. This room is a bit sunnier than the previous look in look 1. Now I say the look before because clearly everything in this room had to be moved because of the leak. You see the chair by the Window? Water leaked all over the cushion and pillows and not to mention (wet drywall) yikes not pretty. Here are a few more photos of how this room looked before the leaky roof.

Now friends, I do apologize for the faulty photos I did my best with what I have but nonetheless I hope you understand my frustration about my sun porch woes. This has me saying, (Some things you shouldn't do yourself)so I have my work cut out for me for a little bit as I track down a roof doctor who can fix this leak and then I can have my old room back and who knows I' may change some things but after paying someone to do this job I'm sure money will be in short supply to say the least but at least this time if it’s not done right I can blame someone else. So with my learned lesson, I can only hope you too will take heed and realize that sometime you have to call in the pros.

So What You Think?
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