About a month ago I was online scoring ads for upcoming local auctions when I found this secretary. 

I wanted it SO bad and thankfully no one else did.

Awesome possum. 

It came home with ME. 

When I bid on it, I didn't realize it had a leather inlay, so I had grand plans to paint it old Hollywood style with black lacquer and gold details. 

But the leather was too beautiful to paint so I turned to plan B.

Watco Danish Oil in Light Maple. 

It worked it's magic beautifully. 

I'm so glad I didn't paint it. 

The tortoise shell in the wood grain is killer.

The original hardware is some of my favorite I've ever seen.

I spent a lot of time obsessing over some of the scratches and little dings I couldn't refinish with the oil and a stain pen. 

I tried all my tricks and then decided to let the little dings be. 

They add character and who says it has to be perfect to be beautiful.

For more info on this piece, including dimensions and price, click on The Shop tab at the top of the page.

Also, how about these brass candle sticks my mom thrifted for me?!

 I'll show you how to clean up old brass later this week. :)