Hello Friends, its Real Estate Snitch Wednesday'sand I have some updated news for you. Remember that house I reported about Justin Bieber on the snitch a few weeks ago? Yea that house!! Well scrap that. The script has been flipped; literally, apparently the new owner of that house is none other than Mr. Kutcher himself. See here is the situation. Kutcher weren't about to allow 18 year old Bieber to steal that house from under him, so he ran out and purchased the home right from under Bieber. So who got Punked? Well the snitch is not so sure because in the end, did Ashton Kutcher really want to by the house he was renting or was he forced? So who really was punked, Ashton or Bieber? Check out this video that Shows how Kutcher end up purchasing the  $10.8 million asking price glass, steel and stone contemporary home that overlooks Lake Hollywood. Were not clear how much of that $10.8 million he actually paid  but what is clear is that the property is officially Kutcher’s, who confirmed alleged purchase on Jimmy Kimmel Live this past weekend

What do you think about how Ashton Kutcher bought his house?

Who was punked if anyone?

Do you think this is a good buy for Ashton?

Let me know in your comments below!!