High ceilings; I can’t think of anyone who dislike them including myself. I love high ceiling and the prestige and stature that come with them but many times I’m asked how you decorate a room with them?  How high should I hang a picture or how to make a room comfortable and relaxing without feeling swallowed up in a room with them? These are all valid questions and deserve good answers in turn.  

The key is to keep the scale and balance of the room. The “rule” is the design of the space will be more interesting by dividing the space into thirds vertically and /or horizontally.  

Using this design rule of thumb and applying it to a room with high ceilings is fairly simple. Once you have done this, important items within the space should be placed within the thirds. Think of the height of the wall in thirds and decorate the bottom third of the wall/space.


Take note:


1). Large chandeliers are recommended for living room with high ceilings.
2). Wall pictures can be hung at eye level to reduce the overwhelming architectural elements of the tall walls.
3). Curtains from ceiling to floor to keep the warmth and height of the room but still feel comfortable.
4). Paint the ceiling the same color of the wall if you have some type of architectural details like a beam of some sort to bring the height of the ceiling and the rest of the room together. Check out some examples below

This large ceiling room want's to bring attention to the height of the room by allowing the window covering to reach all the way to the floor will bring the focus of the eye downward rather than upward. Floor length elements force the eye gate downward. This room is beautifully done
This room does the same as the one above but also allows the chandeliers help bring focus to the height of the ceilings
I love this room another example of chandeliers making the height of the room stand out

Window covering and chandeliers
I love the blend of color of the ceiling and walls there both the same color but its OK because of the texture of the ceiling allow this to work, along with the chandelier make this room cozy and comfortable
Now this room is a perfect example of bringing the ceiling down. the the paneling and barn-board ceiling along with the two separate colors on the wall makes this room so right.
High ceilings, but picture  are at eye level which makes this room come together. I love the balance of this room. Check out how the designer hangs the picture. The picture aren't long-rangers but it has molding around them which give more depth and with to the art work
This room is perfect example of ceiling height. Long curtains and on the sofa wall is a large over scale art piece at eye level. This room strikes the perfect balance.

Rules to remember:

  • The worst thing you can do in a living room with high ceilings is to place your wall decorations too high on the wall. Always make sure you artwork is hung at eye level.
  •  Long curtains is your friend in rooms with high ceilings from top to bottom.
  •  Chandeliers can help bring the ceiling down while bringing elegance at the same time. 
  • Play up your high ceilings with interesting materials like reclaimed wood, paint or wallpaper murals.

I would love to hear back about any thoughts you have about high ceilings and how you may approach decorating a room with them. Please let me know your thoughts in your comments below.