About 2 months ago I got my first "professional" paint deck. 

I'm so in love with it...it might be boarder line unhealthy.

It's inspiring to hold so many colors and shades in your hands; to flip through them one by one thinking how amazing each color would look on a dresser or a buffet. 

One of my favorite things to do with my paint deck is to cover up the names of the colors and try to guess the actual name of the swatch. 

(If that doesn't make you want to hang out with me I don't know what would. :))

The way I see it is what if one day I'm on "Who Wants to be a Millionaire", and for the million dollar question they show me a paint swatch and say,

Is this color swatch called

A. Raindrop               B. Lake Shore 

C. Buoyant Blue          D. Cloud Burst

And I would be able to say without a doubt and no life line needed, CLOUD BURST Regis!! 

A win a million dollars. 

So now I want to put all you paint junkies to the test. :)

Below is a swatch with four name options. Only one is the correct answer. 

Leave a comment with your guess and from those who get it right, I will chose a random winner of a $15 Target gift card. 

Here's your color:

is it called

A. Delicious Melon      B. Golden Rod

C. Afternoon Delight     D. Overjoy

I'm holding you to your honor that you won't search the options listed or the swatch.

I'll announce the winner this Saturday! 

(Please follow 551 East to enter.)