When Rhett goes to sleep at night, we sneak into his room and watch him sleep. 

It is by far one of my favorite times of the day.

That little boy- he is mine. 

He is my ball of energy. He is my favorite dance partner. He is my laundry helper and my rock collector. He is my introduction to every stranger with his smiles and kisses for everyone. My little Mr. Man with so much personality and stubbornness that it can melt my heart and drive me batty at the same time. 

We've entered the "terrible two's" and most days I am at my witt's end at least once. 

But then I try (so hard sometimes!) to remember that he is innocent and perfect and learning and some how I was blessed with the opportunity to teach him to be a good person and to let him grow to his full potential. 

And that responsibility can overwhelm me...you know what I mean?  

I watched some of our home videos yesterday and they reminded me off how quickly he's growing up.

And that sometimes I need to slow down and love every aspect of being a mom to my little man.

Even the tantrums.

All 29 of them yesterday. :)