Rapstar Lil Wayne born with the name Dwayne Carter is looking to sell his enormous Louisiana residence, which currently has a price tag of $1.7 million. The home is located at 408 Rue De La Riviere is on sale for $1.7 million. The house has five bedrooms, five bathrooms, two half baths and a "stunning, roomy open floor plan." The snitch has learned that the Rapper has been cited for high grass and weeds at his 10,000 sqft mansion The Code Enforcement Department issued the ticket to Dwayne Carter somewhere around Feb. 26 to March 2, according to a list released by the city. Now I hope you clear this up Mr Carter but in the mean time the rapper looks as though he interested in getting his Mansion sold.  Check out Lil Wayne’s Mansion all dressed up in chrome just like his teeth.

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Source: realtor.com