“Oh how they grow so fast”. This week the snitch has Justin Bieber purchasing his first house or should I say his first Mansion. Should I say Baby, baby, baby, ohh? The way this house looks I think Salina Gomez should watch out because I think this house is going to be Bieber’s first love.
Bieber weren’t playing when he shopped for his first Mansion. Bieber sought after a home that is up $10.8 million on a modern mansion in L.A, according to the Daily Mail. , the home is made up of glass and steel boxes that appear to float above the home’s large pool and patio. With whopping 9,400-square-feet of living space, the 5-bedroom home has plenty of room for the young singer and the rest of his entourage like his girlfriend Selena Gomez, security crew and managers. Apparently the singer will move in right away as soon as the house previous tenant Ashton Kutcher moves out. That’s right Ashton Kutcher is the tenant who has been renting the home for $50,000 a month. WOW!! I guess Bieber thought taking this home off the market was a smart move and indeed it was considering Kutcher paying a whopping $50,000 a month and Bieber will being paying only $39,979 a month for his monthly mortgage payment if he goes the traditional way with a 30 year fixed rate mortgage while putting down a 20 percent down payment. Well if the Snitch does say so herself I think Bieber made a good choice on this Modern Mansion check it out for yourself... 

What do you think is this a great buy for the young star Justin Bieber?
Which room did you like most?
If money allows would you purchase this mansion for yourself?
What advice would you give to the young Bieber about buying his first mansion?