When I saw this desk I thought I would never ever sell it. It was too unique, too detailed, too special, too every reason imaginable to let sell. But she did sell to an amazing woman who I know will cherish it for a long time. What more could I ask for?

This piece was originally an organ and at some point the organ parts were removed and now it's a desk.

I know cool right?! 

Here she is now. 

This used to be the sheet music stand. 

And I was am idiot and somehow didn't take "after pictures" of the sides, but here's a reminder of what they looked like. 

She and I spent some quality time together as I hand painted her. Most of the time I prefer to paint my pieces by hand. I love the look it gives and I love how I always learn something about the piece as I go over the details. This is one of my favorite tools for hand painting -

They're about $2 at Home Depot and they are great for a hand painted look on large surfaces. They also are great for dry brushing like I did on the detail work of this desk. 

The only downer to them is that they aren't ideal for multi-project use and if you use one for too long it starts to shed a little. 

But overall I loved using it and it worked phenomenally well. :)

Here she is before and again after - 

(Scroll over the image to see the after)

She's painted in General Finishes (milk paint) Antique White and lightly distressed.