Happy almost weekend!

I'm sorry for the absence for the past few days.

We've been SO beyond busy lately between getting ready to move, a furniture finishing marathon, Rhett's birthday, family in town, and anticipation of this for Jake

means busy with a capital B.

But I promised a tutorial on my painting technique that I used on the rustic chest of drawers. 

Now don't laugh.

I decided to show you in video format.

I thought it might be easier for you to follow... and I didn't really want to upload a million pictures.

I'm having a lazy moment. :)

So here's the video! 
(There's a little glitch because I got the giggles in the middle of recording)

I hope this helps!

It's super simple and produces some great results. 

As with all projects make sure to do a preview before you try it on the real deal. :)

Here are some pictures of what I just demonstrated. 

Good luck!!

{ If you feature your own piece using this technique please link back to this post! Thank you! }