It is almost impossible for me to make a trip to Home Depot and not spend a significant amount of time looking at all of the paint swatch cards. 

And it is also almost impossible for me not to have them mix up a sample of a new color I found. 

I, personally, am a Behr girl. 

Did you know that they have over 2000 colors?! 

Holy options Batman! 

One reason I love Behr (even though 2000 options can be a little overwhelming), is because I love how most of their swatches show a  spectrum of colors similar to one another. 

This helps me compare similar colors and chose the one that best matches my vision. 

This is about a third of my sample collection. 
Like I said, it's hard for me not to pick up a different one each time I'm there. :)

So I thought I'd share some of my favorites that I've used.

In the white/neutral category:
Ballet White: It's a soft white without being too stark or influenced by undertones of pinks/yellows/browns. 
Camembert: A LOVELY cream. It is tinged with a pale yellow. 
Frost: This is a stark white. Very crisp and clean. 

In the gray category:
Manhattan Mist: A soft gray with a twinge of a subtle subtle blue.
Subtle Touch: A white with a touch of gray; just like the name says.
Sparrow: A rich gray without looking stone-like. 

In the blue category:
Windsor Haze: Almost a stone blue with a navy touch.
Pencil Point: A deep gray with charcoal blue. 
Tropical Breeze: An almost Caribbean sky blue. 

In the jewel tone category:
Peacock Tail: It's just like it sounds. :)
Opulent: A pure golden yellow, almost mustard-like.
Teal Zeal: A modern twist on Tiffany Blue. It looks lovely with Tropical Breeze.
Cranberry Whip: A deep rich red without looking too barn red. Sophisticated. 
Grape Leaves: A saturated green. Almost Mediterranean

Obviously this isn't a comprehensive list but I love all of these colors.
Love love love.    

What are your favorite colors? 
Any suggestions for new ones to try?!

P.S. A few things I forgot to mention. :)
1. Samples are non returnable. They're about $3 so not a huge investment, but $$$ is $$$.
2. You can get them with primer mixed in, just ask for it. However they only come flat. They don't come with a gloss mixed in.
3. You can always ask for the color you choose to be mixed with less color pigment than is shown on the swatch. For example, you can ask for it with 50% pigment and then add more as wanted. However, they cannot take pigment out once added. 
4. An 8oz sample covers about 25 sq feet so they are great for small projects.