We are moving in 2 days.
And I'm pleased to say that we have finally packed our last box!

Usually I don't find cardboard very inspiring.
And have you ever gotten a cardboard cut?
SO much worse than a paper cut.

But did you know that some people have an AMAZING talent of making furniture out of it?!
Here is some cardboard at its finest.

This is a reception desk at an architectural firm. Yes, they have my business.

And can you imagine the math it must have taken to configure this? Blows my mind.

 This puts a new twist on the phrase "working out of box."

 OK I think this one is simply just adorable.

And apparently this one can support thousands of pounds.

This is my personal favorite. :)

 And if cardboard could ever be called elegant it would be because of this desk.

Amazing right?! 
Here are some links with how-tos if you want to try this yourself!