Hello friends, happy Monday I hope you had a pleasant weekend. Recently I received a comment from a viewer on a post I did on Vintage Style Teen Girls Bedroom Ideas this viewer was quite interested in a design for her 12 year old daughters room in the colors lavender and baby blue so in a effort to answer her question I thought how cool will it be if I did a mocked room in those very colors with a twist of green since green is my favorite color. Here's the deal this viewer wanted the room to be vintage style with lavender and baby blue and she also mention her daughter loves makeup as well. Now let’s keep in mind that I have no room sizes, no room shape so I couldn’t possibly in no way give this viewer an exact look of her daughter’s room but here is what the comment was and what I came up with for vintage teen girly room.
Comment from Viewer- Anonymous said...
Any ideas for a lavender and baby blue bedroom for a 12 year old girl who's into makeup and fashion?
This is my comment back to this viewer
Hi Anonymous, I wish I knew your name and then I can call you by it but anyhow thanks for your comment. Lavender and baby blue bedroom sounds absolutely beautiful together and for a 12 year old no less is all the more. First taking her age in to consideration I would make sure to give her more of a teen room because if we know anything about kids or they don’t stay youngsters forever. Furthermore I would maybe bring in one of the color on to the wall and built around it with some of her favorite things and if you’re going vintage don’t forget to use some things that are period pieces like old dresser or nightstands, throw pillows with perhaps some writing on them and you can’t forget a makeup table of some kind. Whatever you do just make certain your daughter is happy with it and you can’t go wrong. 
Viewers question
12 year old girl
Lavender and baby blue
Love’s makeup
What you think of what I came up with?
Friends I hope you were able to see the vintage in this room. I started off with purple wallpaper on the focal wall and on the two side walls baby blue paint.  For the bed I used an old Iron bed and painted it a baby blue color. Well I like to imagine I found this old era Iron bed that was old and yucky and made it new again and dressed it in some pretty bedding old is what makes vintage, vintage. Furthermore I found a beautiful pillow with some vintage writing on it and included it in with the rest of the bedding. Friends check out the cute vintage dress horse isn’t it just beautiful.  Now remember our reader made mention of her daughter loving makeup? I was sure to include a beautiful makeup vanity to put on makeup when she’s ready. Another thing I like a lot is the two beautiful sconces on either side of the bed. I think it helps bring the room together but even more how about the beautiful sketch of the girl wearing all that makeup above the bed. Just lovely right! Here is the source of this sketch here 
Well my Friends I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I have. It’s nice to imagine on occasion right?
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