Hello friends, New York Yankees 3rd basemen Alex Rodriguez is on the Snitch radar for this week Real Estate Snitch Wednesday’s. Reports are flying around that Alex has sold his $24 Million Miami Mansion for wait for it, wait for it!! $38 Million! Yup friends you heard right a $14 million dollar profit after only living in the home for 2 years see friends Alex bought this home in 2010 and its only 2012 how about that for having celebrity status? But friends I have to admit this is a stunner with spectacular views on the Miami skyline and Biscayne Bay, a batting cage any baseball player will love to have and did I mention The master suite has 2,200 square feet of space with an atrium, sitting area, his and hers baths and oversized closets. I’ll say this is a spectacular home but would I pay $14 million over the price it was purchased for only two years ago hmm will I’m a Yankees fan and a big one at that but $14 million over the purchase price two years ago I’m not so sure and they say the real estate market is bad hmmm I’m starting to wonder who is they! Well friends check out Alex Rodriguez cool digs at 4358 North Bay Road with 275 feet of water frontage that includes not just one but two docks. Check it out

What do you think?
Would you pay $14 million dollars over the price he paid for it two years ago?
How did you like the views of Alex Rodriguez Home?
Let me know in your comments below!


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