Mark and I are celebrating our 20 year wedding anniversary today August 22, 2012. I’m as crazy for this guy as I was the day I laid eyes on him. I remember seeing Mark long before we were married and thinking to myself, “That’s the guy I’m going to marry.” Well actually I said it out loud to my sister. 20 years later here we are. God must of saw what I saw and felt.  Our God agreed that me and Mark was ment to be together that he secured this blessing between myself and my husband because I know there were no way I could had guessed it right all by myself. 

Thank you to my loving God  for securing me and making me complete with the best guy I have ever met “my husband Mark” thanks so much for this blessing.  
Thank you for the 20 years of lessons on being a wife. I know you are preparing me for my next 20 years of how to be a great wife for the true blessing you gave me. Sometimes I ask what did I do to deserve such a guy and then I’m blessed to know my husband ask God the same question which tells me I’m doing something right.  With all that being said I want to say thanks our loving God Jehovah. Thanks for blessing me with my loving husband Mark.

Mark! Thanks for being there and here for me, thanks for loving me when there were times I didn’t think I deserve your love, thanks for being the best father any child can ask for, thanks for being the strongest guy I know. I love you so much.
 I love how you are there for the smallest of things. Mariah or I never wants for anything, I mean you think of the minute things even when we don’t tell you what we want you always know. How do you do that? “I can’t keep up I’m just amazed by you”. Remember when we had a Janitorial Business together in only our 2ndyear of marriage? Although it took a lot out of us, all that mattered is that we were together. Can you believe it’s been 20 years? Remember when it was just me and you? I know me either and nor do I want to remember because I love having our daughter in our life. I remember you picking up the nurse and hugging and you even kissed her on the cheek when she said we were having a daughter how special was that moment I’ll never ever forget that. I love August 22nd can you believe we actually closed on our first house August 22nd wow and we didn’t even plan it that way. I always say good things always happens on this date we’ll let me correct myself the greatest thing happen on this date when I married you. Well this is just to say Thank you so much and happy 20 year Anniversary? Mark you are truly my rock. Here is my dedicated song video to you.
Love you much
Nay, Nay


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