We've got a brand new look over here at 551 East!

So...what do you think?!

I'm in love with it.

The remarkable Jenna from Q.A.Design did an amazing job listening to my "creative ramblings" and ideas of what I wanted and she executed them perfectly.  I HIGHLY recommend her. :)

There are a few small changes to the blog that I want to introduce.

The Shop

The Shop is for pieces that are currently available for purchase both finished and unfinished.

The unfinished pieces will be listed with an estimated price for the FINISHED piece. (ie labor, minor repairs, materials/paint/stain, protective finish, with a $20 allotment for new hardware.)


The Portfolio is for sold piece and to showcase client pieces.

New button

You can find the code for the new button on the side bar.

It's cute...you know you want to add it to your blog...:)

And since we've got a new look over here I'd thought I'd give you a "new" little intro into me.

Here's a few "secret" things you probably don't know about me. 

1. I hate the word moist. It makes the skin between my fingers crawl. 

2. I really want to be in a beauty pageant one day. I'm not sure really why, other than I want to wear a sparkly dress.  

3. I love Desperate Housewives. Love em.

4. I'm addicted to dinner mints.

5. I have a crush on Adam Levine (from Marron 5, and don't worry- Jake knows.)

6. I got my degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and one day I plan on getting a Ph.D.

7. One day I want to work at Home Depot. I love the way it smells. (Which will get a great use of my Ph.D.)

8. I love to vacuum. 

9. I'm a major nap enthusiast. 

10. I'm terrified to scuba dive. It's not natural to try and spend time with the fish.

That's all!

What don't I know about you guys? :) 


PS Don't forget to enter the awesome $25 gift card giveaway from Sneak Peeq! 

Their stuff is so cute!