Friends I am guest posting this weekend over at the Emerald Cidade this weekend! Sweet Stephanie, the writer of the blog and I sat down for a little online interview and had a great time. She and I lived across from each other at college, randomly reconnected through Craigslist and now here we are!

Here's the intro to our interview and you can finish it on her blog!

Which you really need to check out if you want to add a TON of ideas to your Pinterest.
She's got great taste.


I'm thrilled that Stephanie asked me to guest post today!

I LOVE all of her fabulous pictures and inspiration. 

Her ideas are all over my Pinterest. :) 

She sent me a series of questions that I'm excited to answer.

I restore furniture and I LOVE it! 

So here we go! 

Q: How long have you been refinishing furniture and how did you get started? 

I started restoring furniture a couple years ago as presents to give to friends who were getting married. It's kind of hard to start married life with no kitchen table. :) It was a sporadic hobby, but I LOVED it. Sadly, despite my best matchmaking efforts not enough friends were getting married to sustain my restoration addiction. So when my son was born and I needed a hobby beside watching Desperate Housewives. I officially started 551 East about 4 months ago and it''s become one of my favorite things. 

Read the rest here :)